Recording our album in january!

Tristans Final Words.

Hi all,

As many of you know now, I have decided to part ways with IEL in order to pursue things in a different direction. I never believed in the whole “I just dont think Im going in the same direction as the rest of the band” speech until I actually experienced it myself. I have had a great run with IEL and unfortunately, all things come to an end as so with my postion within the reine of IEL.

These last few years have been amazing, I have done things in which I never would have dreamed of. Met alot of great people, made alot of friends, its just been good all around.

I appreciate all the kids who have taken the time to listen to our music. Bad or good reviews, doesnt really matter, in the end its all about expression and creativity.

I hate to think that people are believing that my leaving has someway or another affected the bands friendship towards myself, this is not the case. I wish IEL all the best with the future and hope that they have a long and successful career in music.

I would love to write out a big Thank You list for all the people in which assisted me in achieving my goals, however, I think it would be too long and I would definitely forget someone.

Thanks to all of you on here who have come up and had a chat to me after a show, or just hung out……I really cherish those moments, its great to have you all supporting in whatever way you can.

This will not be the end of my music endevours, but rather the beginning of something new.



A lot of preparation goes into writing an album, which we have spent a long time in doing so. We have had our countless set backs and member changes and it has made us work even harder to get our long awaited debut album out and create something great, so with MASSIVE excitement we can finally say we will be flying to Washington DC on Jan 22nd to record our debut album with Taylor Larson.

Taylor has worked with bands such as Sky Eats Airplane, Everyone Dies In Utah, Of Legends and will be recording Periphery before we arrive. We’re very confident that Taylor will be able to get the very best out of this album and help us create something special.

Stay tuned as we’ll be posting plenty of updates over the coming months!

<3 IEL

I Explode Like


;) new song ‘transitions’


declan here, made a tumblr for the band!

put up a few pics, and that.

keen for shows in 2011!!!

and we’re working hard on bringing you guys some new music!